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All-Party Parliamentary Group for Kurdistan in Syria and Turkey Call for Evidence

The All Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Kurdistan in Syria and Turkey have launched an inquiry into the treatment of Kurdish politicians and Kurdish communities in Turkey. The inquiry is launching a call for evidence for both individuals and organisations to submit evidence by the 11th of December.


This inquiry aims to engage, politicians, NGO’s, municipal leaders, journalists and other community leaders on the crucial issue of Kurdish equality and representation. The APPG aims to provide recommendations to the UK Government on how best to ensure democratic principles are upheld in Turkey.


After an initial period of written evidence, the APPG will call witnesses to appear before MPs at oral evidence sessions in December and January before releasing the report early next year.


Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP for Brighton Kemptown, Chair of the APPG on Kurdistan in Turkey and Syria on the launch of the inquiry:


“I’ve been hugely encouraged by the interest from MPs in this inquiry, I and many other UK parliamentarians are hugely troubled by President Erdogan who seems to be using the cover of Covid-19 and instability in the region to remove democratically elected leaders in Turkey.


The aim of the inquiry is to shine a light on what is happening and bring forward recommendations for how the UK government can promote peace and stability in the region”


Alexander Stafford MP for Rother Valley on the launch of the inquiry:


“The Kurdish community have a rich and historic culture that should be celebrated throughout Turkey and the world. Media reporting from Turkey has been incredibly concerning, I hope through our inquiry the Kurdish people who are being disenfranchised can be given a voice.”


Crispin Blunt MP for Reigate on the launch of the inquiry:


“Under Global Britain the  UK Parliament will expect its role to reflect the highest standards  of democracy and accountable government for the world. Turkey is a NATO ally and we have an obligation to be honest with our partners when we think they are turning their backs on fundamental principles of democracy.  One statistic alone around journalists imprisoned in Turkey should give pause for thought.  Does Turkey really imprison more journalists than anyone else? I think this inquiry could be an important step in asking if this government can be effectively held to account.”




Terms of reference for the inquiry:

  • What are the main obstacles to Kurdish representation in Turkey?
  • Is the Turkish Government addressing the issue of Kurdish representation, and if so how?
  • What is the impact of the current Turkish government’s approach to Kurdish rights and representation, and what is the effect of this on the peace and security in Turkey and the wider region?
  • What are the relevant gender aspects of the crisis in Kurdish representation?
  • What relationship does the Turkish Government hold with Kurdish diaspora communities?
  • To what extent can the UK Government influence policy on these issues and what are the best means of support for consolidating democracy in Turkey and promoting peaceful co-existence and harmony in the region?

Submitting Evidence:

–                  Please submit evidence to: kurdish.inquiry@russell-moyle.co.uk

–                  Please include your name and contact details in the email.

–                  Please only submit evidence that falls within the terms of reference. We cannot accept evidence that falls outside of the terms of reference listed above.

–                  The deadline for submitting evidence is 11th December 2020.